Arthritis: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

Arthritis is most commonly found in women and people who are overweight. Most people affected by arthritis are over the age of 65 but it may affect people younger than that. The many different types of arthritis and the common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation in one or many joints of a person’s body and usually takes time to develop. The common symptoms of arthritis is the pain in joints, swellings, the skin reddens, constant tiredness and fatigue, lack of appetite or fever. The cause for arthritis isn’t exactly discovered by specialists but it is obvious due to the wear and tear of the tissues in the body.


Exercising one’s body help the movement of all the joints in the body and maintain the strength of the body. Try to avoid strenuous weight bearing exercises but try out exercises such as swimming that makes the joins work out without stressing the body.

Try to Lose Weight

Most people who are overweight are affected by arthritis because not the pressure the body puts on the joints. Therefore losing weight can help reduce the stress on the joints and reduce the pain. This is also an important reason why people affected with arthritis must regularly exercise because the body weight pressurises the knees and feet and therefore make it difficult to move with ease. Losing weight will also help the person to avoid more damages to his joints and is a good measure for prevention.

Massaging to Ease Joints

Massaging the body and especially the joints affected by arthritis can increase the flexibility of the joints and reduce the pain. Regular massaging can also help a person to improve his joints and allows him to move about without pain. A professional osteopath Brisbane must be regularly visited for the treatment sessions or you could also seek for a routine to carry out at home.

Consume a Proper Diet

Although a person affected with arthritis must try to reduce weight he must consume some necessary fatty foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids to maintain a good health. Omega 3 helps in the reduction of the pain and stiffness in the joints. Also consult a professional to figure out the foods you need to eat in order to improve your joints and be healthy without the possibility of gaining weight which is bad for the body.

Herbal Treatments

Rather than consuming drugs and painkillers that will affect other parts of the body resort to herbal medications that will not cause any side effects.