What Is The Role Of Steering Committee In GESA?

GESA is The Gastroenterological Society of Australia. We have been offering the recertification to all those practitioners who already have a certificate of colonoscopy. Under the supervision of the honourable committee of the GESA, we have introduced this certification. The idea of this certification is to make sure that we have the best practitioner and the experienced colonoscopist in our society.

The committee is made to supervise the whole procedure of the recertification. Now, it is the responsibility of a committee to look after all the matters and issues and try to resolve them. Also, they make sure that everything is always in tehri control and supervision. Visit Gastroenterology Society of Australia to find out more details.

The Role of Steering Committee

The steering committee plays a major role in finding the best colonoscopist. The major responsibilities that come under the steering committee are as follows.

  • Implementation of the Program:

The steering committee makes sure that the training sessions that have been planned should be implemented in the correct pattern. This always a standard and the roadmap have been made to which we have to follow for the training programs. We need to follow the same plan in order to avoid any kind of issues in the productivity as well as the efficiency.

  • Set and Review all the Standard for Recertification:

Another important task is to set and review the standards. The responsibility of the committee is to review the standards. If they have been seeing that there are new technologies coming or there is update in the procedure of colonoscopy to make the best quality colonoscopy then we have to revise the set standard according to the new practise. We also have to make sure that all the revised procedures are set with a specified standard.

  • Determine and Check the Procedure:

To check the procedure is also a huge responsibility. A random person who has not much experience can’t do that. That’s why, we have a group of people who work as a committee determine and check all the procedure of the training programs.

  • Review, Develop and Deliver the Training Program:

The training programs has to be effective and cover all the relevant information and the process of the colonoscopy. Delivering the information in an effective manner is also very important. If there is a barrier in transferring the information then the end results will suffer.

  • Support Communication with Stakeholders:

They also facilitate the communication with the stake holders. Communication should be effective and is always a two-way communication. The decisions should be taken with mutual consent.

So, you don’t need to find a colonoscopist on you own. If you have been finding one then contact GESA, we shall never disappoint you with our services.