4 Reasons Why Relationship Counseling May Not Work

If there is one thing that is very certain when two people are in a relationship is the fact that there are bound to be conflicts. Even the most loving couple may find themselves in some form of conflict from time to time. However, timely intervention to solve such conflict such as visiting a therapist for counseling can help solve most of the relationship issues. However, while a couple may visit a counselor for help, they often are the main reason why counseling sessions fail. Sometimes problems that cause roadblocks in the counseling session may be due to unclear expectations or because they took longer than necessary to meet with a relationship therapist Austin Texas. That said the following are some reasons why counseling sessions for couples may fail to achieve their aim.

Refusing to accept responsibility

One problem that will stall relationship therapy sessions is the fact that everyone in the relationship refuses to accept responsibility for the problem. Most times, each partner is trying to explain their own side of the story and why think they are having problems. However, they make efforts to put the blame on the other person. It is rare to find a partner who accepts responsibility for what is happening in the relationship. Since they are in front of a therapist who could be psychologists, they try all to make the therapist see how wrong their partner is.

Trying to change their partner

People in a relationship are different and hence will react differently to situations. When a couple comes for counseling, sometimes they do so because they have false hopes that through counseling their partner may change one habit or another. A partner in a relationship will spend most of the session trying to get the therapists to change their partner. Unfortunately, this will only go to restrain the ability to make progress during counseling session. Couples should understand that the idea behind counseling is not to change someone. The idea is to be able to change the situation in the relationship.

Trying to get the problem sorted fast

When people come for counseling, they expect an expert and professional to find a fast solution to their problem. They will try to put pressure on others involved to get the process started and sorted. However, when it comes to relationships, enough time should be allowed to ensure the process takes its course as required. Problems in a relationship did not appear over night and what is certain is that they wouldn’t go overnight. As such it is important for partners in a relationship to allow enough time for counseling sessions.

Coming for therapy late

Another problem that may arise is that couples may try to sort their problems at home instead of coming for counseling. Only when this approach does not work, then they consider counseling. In such cases, by the time they agree to do counseling the problem may have already be so deeply rooted that uprooting it becomes a problem