Things To Know Before You Head Down To Sport Massages

From improving flexibility to things like reducing the risk of injuries and to boost your blood circulation, massages can be very helpful. But these things don’t exactly work the same way for everyone and there are some things you might want to consider before you book an appointment for a message.

Here are some of them;

Massage methods; there are several modalities when it comes to messages. So first thing you need to do, is understand what sort of massage melbourne CBD you will need. Some massages may sound exotic but in the end, they might not exactly be what you expected, so as an athlete; say you are a runner, I suggest that you go for something the specifically focus on muscle release, flexibility and pain reduction. Accordingly, see what sort of message method that would work for you.

Scheduling messages; you know how you don’t change your shoes or your socks a day or two before a race? Likewise, do not schedule a professional Melbourne chiropractic less than 48 hours to a race. The last thing you want is have risks. I suggest you have it done a week prior or so, or maybe after the race.

After race message helps in recovery; another thing you may want to know is that, the message you get free at the finish line can actually help you calm your nerves and help your natural repair system to get to work faster. If you are a newbie to massages it is for the best that you schedule your post-race message to 3 – 4 days after the event as you will be sore with in the first 2 days after the event and you can get the full benefit of the massage by getting it done after the sores come in.

Know your therapist; before you book an appointment, next thing you may want to consider is how good your therapist is. Get to know about his/ her education and years of experience. Also, make sure that they have the license to practice as well.

Make sure you are hydrated; dehydration leads to muscles stiffening, and this may lead to a painful massage. So make sure you take adequate amounts of water before you get your appointment done.

Light meal before the booking; aside from the discomfort of having to lay face down after a heavy meal, massages also have the ability to slow down the metabolism process of your body, this means your digestion will also be taking time so you may feel not that great with your outcome. Therefore keep it light till you have it done.

Not a spa; a sport massage is not going to be like the one you get at a spa, so you’ll be having to move around , and interact physically. Also you will be getting homework as to maintain what you have got.