What Do You Need Before You Start Cycling?

You might already have a bicycle because it is obvious you will not search what you need to cycle without owning bicycle first. Well, there are many thing to consider having other than a bicycle. Going beyond the bicycle there are many accessories that you can wear. Some of the accessory you may know for example the helmet, safety gear, etc. There are a few more but I believe you should only go ahead with it if you have the budget only.

Safety is your number one priority. When buying gear make sure it help you in safety and doesn’t reduce it. So wear gear that is only fitting you do not wear too lose or too tight. Let us take a look at some accessories that you could buy.

Sunglasses are not essential but it really help you protect your eyes from the glare of sunlight. Sunglasses for cycling aren’t built specifically for nothing. There is polarized bifocal sunglasses that help you not only to protect your eyes from the sunlight but also wind and dust which can really affect your eye when cycling.

You will need to buy yourself a lock. Make sure you get a good one so that you can park your bike with safety. Speaking of safety you need to get safety gear. Safety gear includes helmets, knee guards, etc. Depending on your riding interests you will need to purchase the helmet. There are different types of helmets mountain cycling and the regular cycling. Make sure you choose a vibrant color so that it is visible in low light areas and times like during dawn and sunset.

You will need lights! Yes, if you are planning to ride at night. You need to have both a front and rear light. You need to not only light up the path you riding but also let whatever vehicle coming from behind know that you are riding.

Cycling can get a tiring at times and so you will need to drink water. It is always good to have a water bottle with you and the best way to carry a water bottle with you is with a water bottle holder in your bike. It is easier and you can have more than one water bottle holder fixed to the bike.

Not every day is going to be sunny, some days will be rainy and muddy. You don’t want to ride with mud splashing all over yourself while riding, do you? This calls for a good mudguard. Although most bikes come with mud guards I’m just mentioning it here for the ones that don’t. That’s it for now, have fun riding.