Learn How Is Marine Collagen Powder Is Better Than The Beef Collagen Powder

If you look at the options of the collagen available in the market then you will find tons of these and the categories of these are even expanding. Although where this is a good thing, at the same time this could be overwhelming because then you do not know that which one this is better and which is suitable for your health. However, the talk that the marine which means the fish collagen is better than the beef collagen and there have been number of researchers in this aspect and number of reasons support this argument. Some of these reasons are given below:

The body absorbs the marine collagen in a better way:

The marine collagen is made from the bones of the fish and it has been found out that it is 1.5 times easier for the body to absorbs and digests this type of the collagen then the beef one. When the collagen is digested better than it is evenly distributed in all parts of the body due to which it has more health benefits.

Easily solvable in the water:

The marine collagen powder is easily solvable in the water as compared to the trusted beef collagen powder which means if you want to add this in your food or in some drink you could easily mix it. 

Better for providing type I collagen:

There are even types of the collagen which is produced by the body. There are type I and type II but the human body is mostly made from the type I collagen which is around 80 percent and it is found in the skin mostly. Although when the age increases this type of the collagen production is reduced and due to which the human skin starts to age. The beef collagen powder has both type I and type II but the marine collagen powder has primarily type I collagen which means that it is more suitable for the body.

  More type I collagen, better for the skin:

Since the marine collagen powder is the primary source of the type I collagen which is found in the skin and therefore, its regular intake helps the skin to moisturize and hydrate. It prevents the dryness and the aging factors. The studies have shown the beef collagen has no direct affect on the skin and even if it has the effects are very mild and slow but the improvement in the skin is considered to be remarkable in case of the marine collagen powder. Although either you buy the marine collagen or the bone broth protein powder, it is completely dependent on your health requirement.